Link Wednesday

Feb 17, 2010
Tags: Link Wednesday
  • Uncrate - The Buyer's Guide For Men A blog dedicated to what men want. Anything from electronics, cars, clothes, movies, and cooking.
  • jsFiddle - Online editor for the web jsFiddle is like services Pastie and Gist.Github, but will run live test of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Includes frameworks such as jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, and others. Great for that idea that comes to mind or helping out a fellow developer.
  • PHPCamp - Learn something new everyday A gathering point for great articles and tutorials for PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. You can also follow PHPCamp on Twitter.
  • Clients From Hell A great collection of actual interactions with customers. Love seeing the ones I can relate to.
  • Glyphish - iPhone icon collection Free collection of icons to help style your iPhone application. Currently has 130 icons usable on both toolbars and tab bars.
  • Mac Endeavor - Mac Applications Mac Endeavor have created 3 awesome apps for the Mac. From a Git manager to window management that saves an apps window layout.