jTube - Not Just for Javascript

Jun 12, 2010
Tags: jTube, PHP, and YouTube

My jQuery YouTube API plugin, jTube, has now been ported to a PHP class. The two work similar in the fact that you set a query type (user uploads, feed, playlist, etc.) and set some options. Below is an example:

setQuery("user", "defvayne23", "uploads");
$oVideos->setOption("limit", 5);

try {
    $aVideos = $oVideos->runQuery();
} catch(Exception $e) {

// Use $aVideos

With the PHP class jTube can now make use of authentication and with that the entire YouTube API. The YouTube API allows for anything from uploading a video to supplying feedback on a video (rate, comment, flag). The PHP class already can make use of authentication tokens to retrieve private info for the user that belongs to the token. The first new functionality coming to the PHP class is video managing and upload.

Checkout jTube for PHP on github now.