Going Retail Free

Nov 08, 2010
Tags: Best Buy, Rant, and Xbox

Today I went up to Best Buy to pick up my reserved Xbox 360 250GB Kinect bundle. After waiting about 5 minutes for the customer service rep to go looking for the Xbox, she comes back, looks on the computer for a sec and tells me that they are all sold out and even the warehouse doesn't have any.

I give her a troubled look and she runs off to look again. After waiting even longer than before she comes back very happily with a Kinect bundle. Only problem is it was a 4GB Xbox. (Not to mention it looked like it was opened because a flap was sticking out the side.) She trys to argue for a sec that it was a 250GB even though in large letters it says "4GB".

Next she turns around and takes a look at the Xbox sitting on the counter behind her. Not sure on the size, but it was a bundle. She asks me my name and realizes it's not for me. Pretty sure it was for someone that ordered online. Pre-Orders can only be picked up from customer service, not online. Going to give the benefit of the doubt that it was not the one I wanted.

After experiencing what I consider a dirty business practice, I have decided that I will no longer buy things in stores (except groceries). Doing so will give me a better chance of getting my orders when I want them. Another benefit is knowing that little Stevie or evil teenager Bill did not tamper with the product that I am buying. Products go from producer, to distributor, then to me. No other consumer comes in contact with my product. Sure I also run the risk of UPS throwing my box at my door step, but that is something I have yet to encounter and willing to take the risk.

Going to make any future purchases and pre-orders from websites like Amazon, GameStop, and Wal-Mart. In the long run I have the possibility to save money by online deals and tax free purchases.

Google Products Search is a great way to find deals. Things to look out for though is some deals are really too good to be true. I have bought Windows XP before from a reseller before that didn't come with a disc, but did have a serial. The sites policy was all things are as is. So be sure to read a sites return policy before making your decision to purchase from them.

So if you ever decide to gift me with a gift card, either an Amazon or Visa gift card would be perfect.