SXSW 2014 Interactive

Mar 20, 2014
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SXSW 2014 Interactive

2014 was a great year for interactive. I was able to make it to the trade show and a number of panels. Also learned of some cool projects while walking the streets. On top of doing interactive and film at the same time, I fit in going to the Titanfall launch party. Even though it was a waste of time since we didn't get in (waited 5 hours), we traded phone batteries with Samsung and talked shop with a developer about his project and tried to sell our product at work to him. Here are a list of apps and products to check out.

  • Focul Workstation: The desk is pretty cool, but the chair is where it's at. It's a bit odd at first getting into, but I could see myself using it all day to provide support for my back. The desk combo makes it easy to stand and sit at the desk.
  • Contour Ergonomic keyboard: This is a keyboard palm rest has a mouse built in. There is a bar you move left and right, and roll up and down. Seemed very intuitive. Not sure if I could code that way though.
  • Gunnar: These computer eye-wear are amazing. Trying them on I noticed the relief. I have used them at work for almost a week now and I think all developer should own a pair.
  • 10,000ft: Awesome looking project management app. I think any client driven development team should look at this.
  • DeskDonkie: Need help getting something done? DeskDonkie will take your tasks and route them to the best person for your project.
  • Five Thirty: This Korean app development team had their app "You Can Fold" on display to play. It's a paper folding game. You're given a square peice of paper and have to fold it so it fits within a given shape. Was pretty fun to play. Not sure when it's coming to the App Store.
  • Henge Docks: This company makes awesome docks for all your Apple products. iPhone, iPad, MacBook, wireless keyboard, and trackpad. I want one of each. *hint *hint
  • Seidio: Decent phone case maker. Currently have one of their cases on my iPhone 5 that I got free.
  • Ghostery: A plugin for your browser to see who is tracking you by visiting that website.
  • PurpleLoot: Aggregates prices for video games to find the best prices. I told him he should add 99Gamers to better compete. Use code "SXLOOT" to gain access.
  • Dark Deception: I got to play this game on the Oculus Rift at the gaming expo. Was of 14 people that completed the level out of a thousand. Was a fun Pac-Man style first-person game. You can play the demo on Newgrounds. If you like the game, help them out to get Greenlit.
  • PiktoChart: Friendly infographic building app. Looks fun and simple to use.
  • Nutshell CRM: Cool looking CRM. I plan on trying to sell it to work.