iOS App symmetrain

Apr 10, 2014
Tags: iOS App
iOS App symmetrain

Recently I have taken up drinking coffee frequently in the morning from Starbucks. As an iPhone user, I use the Starbucks app to manage my account and Passbook to pay. A feature of the app is links to the iTunes stores for free music and apps. This week I opened the app to see how many stars I have earned. I checked my inbox and saw the app Pick of the Week. Without even checking out the app, I redeemed the code to download it. Thought it would be fun to just dive into a app and check it out. Probably have it open a couple of minutes and then delete it. It didn't turn out that way.

When the app opened I thought it looked good enough. I hit start and my train started its journey. I didn't know what I was supposed to do at first. I just start tapping everywhere. Then the slightly OCD part of my brain caught the pattern and realized it was symmetrical. Clearly the name was lost on me. Tap on either side to make an item appear on both sides of the train. Miss something or tap the wrong spot, you lose a life. After some traveling through the country side, you reach a train station and keep going. At each station it takes into account how well you did on the previous strech. If you did well it gives you an extra life. Didn't miss any? Score multiplyer! I have been spending much of my time playing this game trying to unlock more trains and paths.

Download symmetrain from the iTunes Store.

Checkout the release trailer: