About John

Born and raised Texan. Lived in the Wichita Falls area most of my life. Graduated from Iowa Park High School. I started my web development by creating an Angelfire website at about 14. Learned some basic HTML from their site. Shortly after got my first editor, CoffeeCup. This was long before they had a WYSIWYG version. It included many Javascript snippets to add nifty things to your site. This helped me learn HTML and Javascript. Realizing my interesting development, I picked out a random coding book at my local book store. This is how I picked up PHP. After messing with that a bit, I got my first domain and shared hosting. I would come up with ideas to do for my site and learn how to make it happen. Took a web design class my junior year, but was beyond what the class could teach me. Starting my Senior year I was able to leave school early. I took advantage of this by looking for an internship at a local web development shop. It's been all coding and learning since then.

What I'm Doing Now

Monkee-Boy Web Design, Inc.

July 2014 - Current

Where I Have Worked